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This blog is close to my heart, where I share, explain and discuss Norwegian food, traditions, history, and culture. More than anything, as a food and wine professional, I focus on the foods and drinks typical of my country.  

As of late 2014, I decided to go vegan and went on to veganize my favorite Norwegian and Scandinavian recipes.

What initially looked to be an impossible task, has since proven to be a rewarding one; the dishes have not lost any of the flavors I am so familiar with and grew up within my homeland. Instead, they have improved and of course are kinder to the animals, the environment and even to your health.

With age and after having lived abroad for over 25 years, my ties have grown stronger and my homesickness increased. With my entire family back overseas, this blog is my way of staying close to my roots, connecting with old and new friends, and remembering why I’m so proud to be from Norway. 

Please also visit my Facebook page, Arctic Grub, where I post more frequently, to help people become more familiar with the fascinating country of Norway.

Many things have changed tremendously since I lived back home in the town of Sykkylven, a small, picturesque village tucked away in between the breathtaking, majestic mountains and beautiful fjords of north-western Norway. 

I emigrated when I was 19 but go back yearly to visit family and friends who still live there, visiting restaurants, bars, farms and spirit makers, to keep myself current on what is going on.

My goal with this blog will be to stay real but romantic when diving into researching the very rich culture of Norway.  I hope to be able to evoke memories, both for myself and my readers who may be Norwegian, of Norwegian descent or have visited while discovering new gems that will create excitement and curiosity. 

I certainly will touch upon other Scandinavian countries in my blog, however, my aim is to highlight Norway, as I feel it hasn’t been covered in the media in as much detail as our other Nordic neighbors.

I look forward to starting this journey with you all, and I’ll start by teaching you a saying in Norway that I miss in the U.S.:

“Takk for mat!”

This literally translates to “Thanks for the food”, something everyone is taught to say after a meal; it’s a sign of a polite individual. It shows gratitude, appreciation, and enthusiasm for the host for their efforts to feed their guests.  Don’t ever think of not saying this after a meal in Norway!!


A Collection of Recipes from Arctic Grub is a special selection of over 60 of my favorite classic, Norwegian recipes. If you love Norwegian and Scandinavian food and culture, this book is for you!

From smoked "lox" to kransekakestenger, traditional whole grain breads, krumkaker, creamy marzipan cakes, and "meatballs", it's all inside this special collection.