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Nutella Swirl Buns with Orange Glaze

What do we eat in Norway for Easter? I think most Norwegians would agree it wouldn’t be Easter without an orange in your backpack or some type of pastry that has oranges in it…This year I wanted to come up with a different recipe for Easter that still evokes the classic flavors and traditions of the holiday. I landed on these delectable cardamom swirl buns filled and glazed with a combination of chocolate and oranges. Who doesn’t love chocolate, right?

Karbonader with Caramelized Onions, Mashed Peas and Stewed Vegetables

Nothing makes me happier than a traditional, Norwegian dinner. That usually involved boiled potatoes and gravy, with some type of vegetables. There is something so comforting, simplistic, and hearty about it that truly evokes the flavor of ‘home’ for me. I realized I have posted recipes for meatballs on my blog before, or as we call them in Norway, kjøttkaker, but I’ve never shared a recipe for karbonader, which is slightly different.

Scandinavian Open-Face Sandwiches

I had all sorts of plans to publish this post over a month ago but it seemed like a beast of an article to write so I kept postponing it. But as the saying goes, all good things are worth waiting for, so I hope you will agree that there will be a lot of valuable info (and recipes!) in this post.


Welcome to Arctic Grub!

This is my site of recipes, travel tips, and stories about the cuisine, history, and culture of Norway, my home country.

New York is where I call home now, but my Norwegian roots are strong and Arctic Grub is where I share my love for ‘Norge’.

Explore the blog, try out a new recipe or two, and leave me a comment to let me know how it goes. 

With love,


Norwegian Food

I write about classic Norwegian food, but I recreate traditional recipes and turn them all plant-based. None of the taste, experience, or uniqueness of Norwegian cuisine is lost, and in many cases, the dishes are improved!

Having grown up with a masterful cook as a mother and being a trained chef has its advantages—dive in to discover the flavors of the fjords!

Scandinavian Drinks

Norway has so much to offer on the drink scene: From being leaders in the craft beer industry to artisan aquavit producers, to the history of Norwegian families present in the Cognac region of France, there is a lot to explore and tell here.

Join me!

Culture & History

The main reason I started this blog over seven years ago, was my hunger for learning more about the history and culture behind the Norwegian dishes I was making and had eaten over the years. I am equally passionate about sharing stories as I am about providing you with recipes. Why? Food is representative of people and learning the ‘why’ behind your meal may enrich your experience and connection to the food even further.


Dreaming of traveling to Norway to see the fjords, the midnight sun, and the northern lights? In this section, I give you insider tips and recommendations beyond the usual touristy suggestions you find everywhere. Norway is as beautiful in the winter as it is in the summer, you just need to know where to go and what to do. If you want authentic information from someone who keeps a tab on what’s happening in Norway today, check back here regularly!


A Collection of Recipes from Arctic Grub is a special selection of over 60 of my favorite classic, Norwegian recipes. If you love Norwegian and Scandinavian food and culture, this book is for you!

From smoked “lox” to kransekakestenger, traditional whole grain breads, krumkaker, creamy marzipan cakes, and “meatballs”, it’s all inside this special collection.

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