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“I’ve taken several of Sunny’s online cooking classes and was so impressed not only with the quality of her recipes but with the personal flair and passion she instructs with. She is personable, funny, and of course, very knowledgeable – it’s as if I almost feel like she’s in the room with me!

I liked it so much that I decided to hire her for a special virtual birthday cooking class for my friend who turned 40 and it was the highlight of our weekend!”

—Alicia T.

Cooking Classes

Cooking leads to food and eating, and that is what unites us. Food is something we can all be happy about and talk about. I wanted to create a series of virtual cooking classes to reach all the people I’d love to have at my table and in my kitchen but couldn’t physically—because we live in different parts of the world.

In this section, you’ll find a selection of some of my favorite cooking classes, recipes, and topics that I hope will become yours as well.

Let’s embrace what makes us similar and different and explore various flavor profiles, traditions, and cooking styles. Let’s get back to the kitchen, whether you are in Norway, the United States, Italy, England, or the far East.

Check out my offerings and let’s cook together through the screen!


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Norwegian Christmas Cookies Workshop

Learn to make both classic and modern Norwegian Christmas cookies in this fun workshop!

Norwegians are known for making at least 7 different types of cookies for Christmas… it’s tradition!

In this class you will learn some of the most popular kinds that you will find in homes and on tables across all of Norway during the month of December and beyond…

Put on your apron and let’s bake!

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Plantastic Thanksgiving Appetizers

Want to wow your guests at Thanksgiving with some flavor-packed and exciting plant-based appetizers?

Then this class is for you!

Take the guesswork out of what to make for your Thanksgiving meal this year.. with these tried and true gourmet recipes that will impress even the most discerning of gourmands.

Best thing? You can use these recipes for any party you are planning so seasonally appropriate all year round!

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Norvegan Desserts

Learn to make 4 of Norway’s most popular desserts!

Whether you are into cakes, trifle desserts or simpler and lighter fruit-based desserts, this class will please all palates!

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these classic and delicious Norwegian endings to a meal… perfect for the holidays and all year round.

With these unique and traditional Norwegian recipes you’ll be the star of the show… from a decadent, almond-filled cake to an impressive (and simple to make), flavorful layered cream dessert, grab this class if you want new and fresh ideas for a sweet meal for yourself or your guests.

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Norwegian Christmas Cookies Workshop

Learn to make both classic and modern Norwegian Christmas cookies in this fun workshop!

Norwegians are known for making at least 7 different types of cookies for Christmas… it’s tradition!

In this class you will learn some of the most popular kinds that you will find in homes and on tables across all of Norway during the month of December and beyond…

Put on your apron and let’s bake!

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Plantastic Thanksgiving Appetizers

Want to wow your guests at Thanksgiving with some flavor-packed and exciting plant-based appetizers?

Then this class is for you!

Take the guesswork out of what to make for your Thanksgiving meal this year.. with these tried and true gourmet recipes that will impress even the most discerning of gourmands.

Best thing? You can use these recipes for any party you are planning so seasonally appropriate all year round!

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Norway vs Iceland Part III Kaffemat

Whether you are looking for ideas for what to bake for the holidays or want some treats you can throw in the freezer and pull out for when friends come over…this is the perfect class to take!

Learn from how the Nordics entertain and bake… it’s all part of conjuring up a coziness and feeling of contentment—all done in a non-fussy way!

Nordic baking is simple and straightforward…but will delight your tastebuds in a deliciously surprising way!

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Norway vs Iceland Part 2 Batters and Buns

For good reason, Nordic baking has gained popularity worldwide in recent years.

Diverse, unpretentious, and most of all… delicious, it’s hard not to love the baked goods from this region.

In the second class of this trilogy, we’ll explore different batters and buns from both countries…you will not want to miss this!

Let’s dive into Nordic baking—the plant-based way!

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Norway vs Iceland Part 1 Fish Dishes

Curious about what the similarities and differences are between Icelandic and Norwegian cuisine?

Both countries have a long tradition of fishing and it has been the lifeline for many people for centuries. Naturally, you see fish featured promintently in a wide variety of dishes.

Veganizing fish dishes might not seem that easy, but in this class you’ll learn and understand what to think about when substituting fish with whole, plant-based ingredients.

And how can we reinvent these classic recipes to bring out the typical flavors when cooking plant-based?

Let’s dive into some Nordic cooking and find out!

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Spud-tacular Potatoes

Looking for some inspiration for how to cook amazing, plant-based dishes with the most versatile vegetable of them all: The potato!

Potatoes are the lifeline of Norwegian cuisine, and many Norwegians can’t imagine what a meal would be like without them.

In this class, you’ll learn four Norwegian classic potato dishes employing four different cooking methods!

From appetizers to dessert—this class has it all!

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Back to School Norvegan Matpakke

The traditional Norwegian matpakke consists of slices of freshly baked bread (often as open-faced sandwiches) with a favorite pålegg (fillings and toppings).

In this class, we will make the most popular Norwegian pålegg from scratch.

You’ll learn the key to a successful Norwegian lunch box, and how to build a typical open-face sandwich, and which combinations work best.

All vegan yes!

Your lunch box never tasted so good!

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Time to Tomato

Let’s all say tomato and get creative with the summer’s most versatile and tastiest fruit!

August is high season for tomatoes in many places around the world and this is when they taste the sweetest and provide incredible flavor!

In this class, we’ll make three creative recipes from appetizers to a main course (including a favorite comfort food!) where tomatoes are front and center of the meal.

Tomatoes taste different depending on which kind you get and what cooking method you employ. We’ll discover three different ways to serve this gorgeous fruit that will highlight their best characteristcs.

Get your tomatoes ready and let’s cook!

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Norway vs Denmark Part III Kaffemat

If you’re a fan of Scandinavian pastries you’ll definitely want to sign up for this class.

Discover why Danes are so famous for their ‘hygge’ concept and why Norwegians embrace ‘koselige’ moments and are able to produce the most delectable snacks at a moment’s notice….

Whether you’re in the mood for a croissant-like pastry or an easy batter-based coffee snack like thin pancakes, a simple yet delicious cake or donuts, this class has you covered.

Put on the kettle and let’s get baking!

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Norway vs Denmark Part II Rice Puddings

Denmark and Norway battle about who has the better meatballs and desserts…

Whether sweet or savory, Norway and Denmark naturally share similar dishes because we are Scandinavian! But there are subtle differences.

Frikadeller are as Danish as kjøttkaker are Norwegian – but do we enjoy them the same way?

Then there’s that creamy rice pudding dessert… let’s explore how we serve them differently. What will you prefer?

Sign up for the class and find out!

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Norway vs Denmark Part I Cinnamon Twists

Cinnamon lover?

Join me as we explore four different ways to bake with cinnamon and find out who does it better:
Norway or Denmark?!

This first class in a new trilogy is all about baking!

The task will be tough but somebody has to do it:
Who has the best-baked goods of the two countries?

We’ll be exploring Denmark’s famous wienerbrød (referred to as a Danish in English), as well as their Kanelsnegl (Cinnamon Snail), and compare them to Norway’s Kringle and Kanelsnurrer.

Don’t miss out on this class—it’s going to be a delicious one!

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Vegan Barbecue Fun

If you’re tired of the same old brown and greasy burgers and hot dogs on the grill, this class is for you!

Level up your grilling – learn how to combine and create flavors from plants that will make you feel sad you missed out all these years on these incredible flavors!

We’ll take the bounty of what’s in season and use herbs, spices, and other amazing plant-based ingredients and employ different cooking techniques to make you the star of your cookout this year.

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17th of May Celebration

Join us as we celebrate Norway’s Constitution Day—possibly Norway’s biggest and most important celebration of the year.

This is when we dress up in “bunad” (our various national costumes), walk in parades, and eat lots of hot dogs and ice cream. But there are also many other delicious dishes and treats too!

This class will give you a great representation of what many Norwegians eat on this day and festive foods you can make and enjoy for a variety of occasions.

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Strawberries Everything

Norway has the world’s best strawberries…In this class, you’ll learn why, and what classic recipes will highlight them in the best way.

Looking for ideas for how to best maximize the flavor and deliciousness of these berries?

Learn how to make Arme Riddere, a scrumptious Strawberry-Rhubarb Cake and some gorgeous Strawberry Shortcakes.

From breakfast to desserts – this class has you covered!

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Sankthansaften Fest

Let’s celebrate the summer solstice and the longest day of the year!

Scandinavians get super happy when the sun shines all day long and that means sitting outdoors, gathering around bonfires, barbecuing, or dancing around poles with flowers in your hair wearing flowy dresses.

In this class, we’ll cook up some classic dishes you might see if you celebrate midsummer in either Norway or Sweden.

Summer the Scandinavian way… there’s nothing quite like it!

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Superbowl Snacks & Game Day Cocktails

In this class, you’ll learn how to make delicious snacks that will seriously make you wonder if all this is plant-based…

If you’re not a football fan, not to worry, you’ll want to make these dishes for any party you’re hosting or attending!

The best cocktails are also the ones you make yourself, and I’ll show you a few tricks I learned back from my mixologist days…

Let’s do this!

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Norvegan Easter Food

Learn how to make some festive dishes that will bring about the Norwegian Easter feeling without animal products but just as effectively.

The breakfast or brunch “koldtbord”, which we call “påskefrokost”, is the most celebrated meal and we are also known for putting together some delicious sweet treats for this holiday.

This class gives you a taste of what Norwegians enjoy this time of year!

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Norwegian Traditions Workshop

Want to learn more about Norway and Norwegians and our culture?

This class will cover our habits, customs, and quirky behaviors… funny stories, and maybe some educational ones too!

Join me for a chat exploring Norwegian traditions, history, and how these rituals have evolved to present-day Norway.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea and a snack and let’s bond over stories! That’s what life is about right?

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Sweden vs Norway Part I Cream Puffs

Learn to make two versions of Sweden and Norway’s amazingly delicious and famous cream puffs!

Who has the better cream puffs, Norway or Sweden?

Swedes love their filling with marzipan, while Norwegians keep it slightly less sweet with whipped cream and jam.

Make both and have fun taste testing to see which country wins for the best cream puffs!

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Sweden vs Norway Part II Meatballs

Learn to make Sweden and Norway’s national meatball dishes!

We’ll make both countries’ versions of this traditional and popular dish—the vegan way!

We’ll also dive into the different side dishes, Norway’s creamed mashed peas & stewed cabbage vs Sweden’s creamy mashed potatoes & pickled cucumbers.

Who has the better meatballs, Norway or Sweden?

Let’s dive in and find out!

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Sweden vs Norway Part III Potato Dumplings

Potatoes are a beloved food in both Norway and Sweden, but which country has the best potato dumplings? Let’s find out!

In Norway, they go by many names, “potetball,” “kumle,” “klubb” and “raspeball.”

In Sweden, they are called “kroppkakor,” “kams,” and “pitepalt” among others.

Let’s get together and embrace our love for dumplings!

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Cookies & Cocktails Class

Get your shakers out and let’s experiment with some Scandinavian spirits!

Whether you’re a brown or white spirit drinker, you’re bound to find something you’ll love in this class as we dive into how to craft cocktails that are well-balanced and appealing to the most discerning drink lover!

Let’s have some fun and mix up a few seasonal cocktails while baking some delicious cookies and see how they all go together!

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Cozy Soups and Stews Cooking Class

Let’s warm up together and gather in the kitchen to create some hearty soups for cold winter nights!

In this class, you’ll discover and learn how to make classic Norwegian soups plus a chili that’s packed with flavor and that will bring out a smile in everyone!

These recipes are great for batch cooking, easy to prepare but taste impressive on the palate. Come join us, bring out your soup pots, and let’s get cozy!

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Romantic Dinner for Two (or Yourself!)

Make your partner fall in love with plant-based food… Wow with this 3-course menu!
Impress whoever you dine with by making them this mouthwatering Valentine’s Day-inspired menu.

If you’re single, wow yourself!

Nothing says self-love like taking the time to create a beautiful meal for yourself.

The menu comes with wine pairing suggestions for each dish but feel free to pick whatever wine touches your heart (and taste buds!).

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3 Simple Norvegan Cakes

Let’s bake three of Norway’s most popular cakes!

Mor Monsen, Krydderkake and a simple apple cake…

Three no-fuss cakes that are easy to whip together but that taste amazing and will make you and your guests incredibly happy…

Whether you are baking for an upcoming holiday, a special party or just craving a blissful treat…these cakes will deliver!

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Vafler, Sveler & Pannekaker

Let’s make three of Norway’s favorite comfort foods – no dairy or eggs needed!

Whether you are having company over or just want something tasty and easy to whip up for yourself, you don’t want to miss out on this class!

Although other countries have their own variations of these quick breads, there is something so very special about how Norwegians make them. You’ll see why as you will also learn some unique toppings we love for these delicious creations.

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Norvegan Christmas Cookies Class

Join me in this virtual baking class and let’s make four of Norway’s most popular Christmas cookies!

Free of dairy and eggs but full of flavor!

Whether you’re baking for Christmas, another holiday, or just a regular old Tuesday, these cookies will make the most discerning tummies happy!

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Cook, Drink & Support Women

A cooking & wine tasting class featuring recipes from women chefs and wines made by female winemakers.

I’ve selected some very special ladies who have inspired me so much and I want to pay homage to them and show you their brilliance through the food and wine we’ll enjoy during this class.

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Rundstykker (Norwegian Breakfast Rolls)

Want to learn a simple Norwegian bread recipe?

Join my cooking class and we’ll bake Norwegian rundstykker together!

These classic breakfast rolls are found on almost every Norwegian table at some point and are guaranteed to impress your friends and family.

No expertise necessary!
This is a dough everyone can make, don’t get intimidated!

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Knekkebrød & Lapskaus

Norwegian everyday classics for your breakfast and dinner table!

Learn how to make the ultra-Norwegian knekkebrød and lapskaus, two of the most classic dishes in Norwegian cuisine.

“Quick and healthy” is very often an oxymoron in reality but not in the case of knekkebrød.

Filled with delicious root vegetables that happen to be in season right now, lapskaus might just become your new staple in your weekly diet!

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Norvegan Style

Curious about Norwegian and Scandinavian cuisine?

Let’s inject a bit of “hygge” into your weekend and go Nordic!

In this on-demand cooking class, I’ll teach you more about what Norwegian food is and show you how you can easily recreate a little piece of Norway in your home.

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Norvegan Midsummer Recipes

In this class, we’ll be whipping up some fun dishes perfect for a summer weekend.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself: What on earth do I make that is plant-based and that all my meat-loving friends and family will love too?

Burgers and hot dogs of course!

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Cooking with Seasonal Ingredients

If you’ve ever looked at a vegetable and thought what shall I do with this?

Then this class is for you!

Whether you are a member of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in your area, or simply just pass by a local farmer market seeing all the vibrant, colorful produce you’ll love this “impromptu” cooking class.

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Norvegan Christmas featuring the wines of Querciabella

Looking for inspiration to bring some new and familiar flavors to your holiday table this year?

This might just be the class for you!

During this fun-filled holiday cooking class, you’ll learn how to make four classic Norwegian holiday dishes and how to pair them with some fabulous Italian wines.

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Scandinavegan Wine Tasting and Cooking Class

I’m extremely excited to be offering this brand-new food and wine pairing class with a Scandinavian theme!

This on demand class is a wonderful journey of discovering seasonal Scandinavian flavors and how to best pair them with wine.

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Grains & Legumes Around the World

Take your cooking game to the next level with our menu of mouthwatering grain and bean dishes!

If you want to cook more plant-based foods or feel at a loss of what to do with the bags of beans, lentils, and grains hiding in the back of your pantry?

This class is for you!

I love Sunny’s unpretentious style of teaching about wine and her focus on finding creative ways to pair them with plant-based dishes.

It’s clear that she’s passionate about the topic and has vast experience in the field, but she makes you feel as if you too can become an expert, by just tasting, enjoying, and remembering why we drink wine: to have fun.“

—Erika B.

Wine Masterclasses

I’ve worked in the wine industry for nearly two decades and have studied wine extensively gaining more certifications than I’d like to admit. But at the end of the day, wine is about enjoyment. Sometimes we as wine professionals can forget about this essential fact.

In these online wine classes, we’ll take a food-centered approach to wine with the aim to explore how different flavors either match or contrast each other, particularly as it comes to plant-based food.

You’ll learn about wine but more importantly, why wine exists—to bring joy and to heighten the experience of a meal.

Wine is also about history, geography, traditions, culture, and passion. Throughout these masterclasses, you’ll hear stories that hopefully will make the wine and the people who make them, come alive through your glass 🙂

Drop the pretenses, and join a masterclass. Whether you’re a complete novice or an expert, we all can agree on something—Wine rocks!


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Great Value Organic Wines Under $20

In this class, we will taste three organic gems under $20 and go into detail about what ‘organic’ means in the wine world.

You will also learn tricks to picking the right value wines, and I’ll share my favorite online resources to help you find a selection that will suit your palate as well as build up an exciting portfolio of affordable wines.

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Simple Wine Pairing Tips for Plant-Based Foods

Food has the ability to change the taste of wine, and wine can also change the way food tastes. But how do you make both the food and wine shine even brighter?

It can sure be tricky but with a few tips and an understanding of how flavor combination works, you can become a master at this!

This is what we’ll get to in this class, where I will share my top 7 tips for Pairing plant-based food with your favorite wine every time.

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Vegan, Organic, Biodynamic

With all the marketing, celebrities, and big companies vying for shelf space, market share, and the attention of customers in a sea of wine, it can be overwhelming to figure out what the differences are between vegan, organic, biodynamic, and natural wine. Which is better?

Are all vegan or organic wines the same? What questions should I ask the store owner/sommelier to learn more about how wine is made and should I blindly trust the labels?

This and so much more will be covered in this enlightening class. 

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Vegan Cheese & Wine Pairing

Do you think being vegan means you have to give up gourmet experiences like wine and cheese pairing events?

The answer, and good news, is absolutely not!

The even better news is that today you can get some incredible vegan cheeses that would fool even the toughest traditional cheese connoisseur. Maybe the best news is that you now can do a cheese and wine pairing virtually—with me!

“I’ve been looking forever for vegan Nordic cuisine and am baffled why I haven’t found your blog before. You’ve given me so much inspiration (and frankly, I have to work a little harder the next few days as today I spent composing my Nordic vegan Julefest (cuz, y’know, better be on time) which will be a six-course meal).

Oddly, a long time ago I lived in Oslo and didn’t really care for Nordic cuisine as it’s so meat-based but recently I’ve taken an interest yet struggled to find a vegan starting point. Now, I am bursting with ideas! (also have fresh dill growing in the garden for the first time, that’ll come in handy).

Tusen takk!”

—Samantha T.


Each of my ebooks is packed with recipes and tips for how to put together delicious and nutritious plant-based meals.

Interested in Scandinavian cuisine?
I’ve veganized the classics in my Arctic Grub book.

Want to eat dishes from around the globe that are also good for your body, leaving you feeling vibrant and energetic?
Pick up my Spring Clean Your Body with Plants cookbook.

No matter which book you pick, you’ll enjoy a collection of my most popular recipes and most frequently asked-for topics.


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A Collection of Recipes from Arctic Grub

This is a special selection of over 60 of my favorite classic, Norwegian recipes. If you love Norwegian and Scandinavian food and culture, this book is for you!

From smoked “lox” to kransekakestenger, traditional whole-grain breads, krumkaker, creamy marzipan cakes, and “meatballs”, it’s all inside this special collection.

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Spring Clean Your Body with Plants

Over 60 whole-food, plant-based recipes to enjoy year-round that will help you cleanse and eat lighter, without sacrificing any flavor.

This book will help you demystify what to eat for healthy, wholesome, and delicious meals.

“Absolutely loving this bread course!

I love Nordic breads and know a lot about Swedish and Danish varieties but little about Norwegian. I was sooo thrilled when I saw your course! The breads came out beautifully and tastes sooo incredibly good.

This course is a wonderful tribute to the breads of Scandinavian and I’m so glad you put this course together, thank you!!”

—Jennifer K.


and learn the staples of whole grain bread making

As a result of countless requests to create a Norwegian bread-baking course based on my wildly popular whole-grain, multi-seed loaf recipe that has been downloaded thousands of times, here it is!

A brand new opportunity to learn why Norwegian breads are so delicious and unique in both flavor and nutritional make-up in this in-depth, never-seen-before course.

Fiber and iron-rich and filled with many of the nutrients our body needs on a daily basis, these are breads you can eat in good conscience!

Not to mention impress your friends and family with breads you can’t find anywhere else.

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